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Airstream rangeline

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some interesting ideas here.

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I saw pictures and some specs of this Airstream Class B a few days ago and was impressed, particularly with price relative to other Airstream-branded campers; whether trailers or motorhomes. There is a lot I like, and some design features I don’t.

I really like that they placed refrigerator and microwave at great height, rather than under kitchen counter or microwave all the way against ceiling. This is so much better, since storage above and below can be used for items that are not accessed frequently. This is exactly the way I was planning to build, though I want a fridge with larger freezer. Fridge is small but OK, but freezer at 0.4 cubic feet won’t do. I also like that microwave was pushed back near wall, making aisle appear wider at shoulder and eye level.

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Upper cabinets appear too small on pictures. They might make van feel more open, but unless they are larger than they appear, they waste too much valuable storage space. I want to see in person.

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I also like the balance between 270 Ah Battle Born lithium battery with 2,000-Watt inverter and Onan 2,800-Watt inverter generator to power air conditioner when boondocking. This could work for me in summer without having to add even more battery capacity that would only get used a few times a year. Mostly, Onan would serve as home backup power for fridge and lights.

The gasoline single-fuel feature is great as long as it works safely. Gasoline provides heat and hot water, and the rest is electric; including portable cooktop — which I also prefer over built-in. We cook so little it is not worth wasting counter space. Unfortunately, pictures show equipment hanging pretty low below van. I also want to see this in person to see if it’s an optical illusion.

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Lastly, the cross-coach bed is too high to get into easily, and also too high to use as a dinette or bench, yet too low for bikes below. If this RV had rear twin beds that could be used as dinette, I would like it a lot more.

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P.S. — A/C at very rear is probably required with optional pop-up bed, but I hope it is located forward when pop-up is not purchased (option MSRP over $10K).
That rear screen, whatever, stupidly permanently blocks much of the rear view.
MsNomer, if you are referring to the two screen wings on either side of center aisle, they appear to be removable based on pictures (below). They appear to roll down and Velcro to van, with center attaching to either side also with Velcro.

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In picture the rear screen center section appears to be rolled up and secured just under awning crank.

Boxes on doors (comment/question deleted) is described as part of storage. Makes sense I suppose though I’m not likely to attach much of anything I actually need or of value to a door for fear it could fall off during door closing and opening.

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So the point here is, I don’t find the Promaster to be a good candidate for “all electric”. I would like to have enough to run the ac for short stints when firing up the generator isn’t ideal, but I wouldn’t want an all-electric Promaster due to the second alternator being an aftermarket-only possibility in a bad mounting spot.

I’m not sure what you mean by “all electric” since I consider both an Onan generator or second alternator part of electrical system. Having said that, the Airstream Rangeline relies on gasoline fuel for hot water and space heat, so not all electric anyway in my opinion. Some people refer to motorhomes without propane as “all electric”, even though they may use diesel for space and water heat; so it comes down to semantics or perhaps definition.

With a 2.8 kW Onan, I think all-electric is a good option for a well-insulated van, though it would require more battery capacity for air conditioning and heat if for more than +/- 2 hours. A single 270 Ah should last almost 2 hours in middle of day for A/C, and about the same for heat on cold day.

For overnight A/C, two more Battle Born 270 Ah for a total of 810 Ah should do. During day the Onan generator can power converter, which in case of Rangeline, is mentioned to be 100 Amps (guessing it’s an inverter/charger).
Extensive video review of Rangeline from Hershey Show. Segment starts at around 21:30.

A/C is Coleman 13,500 BTU/hr unit with factory-installed Soft-Start, so A/C should run on 2,000-Watt inverter for a short time (an hour or two unless extra battery capacity is added). I’m not sure if A/C is wired to inverter from Airstream. Since Rangeline has Onan generator, the air conditioner may not run off battery.

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