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  • BeWhereUR ·
    I just checked out your website for your build. thanks for putting that together and sharing your experience. I am finding it super helpful.

    V.I.guy ·
    Hi MsNomer,
    I am at the planning stage of my build and am intrigued how you did your build. It would be a lot easier to do with a picture.
    Is it possible to send me one? We are also planning our build with a bed that is raised and permanent. Or if not I guess I just track you down when you arrive on Vancouver Island. :)
    Quest4Adv ·
    Hi there,

    I've read pretty much every post in your thread twice! Lots of great info, the least I could do is thank a post or two :)
    jetmelt ·
    What did the dealer say about your squeeking bushing? I have this. Did you get rid of it? my build is 11/2013
    CarpDude ·
    Hey MsNomer,

    I live in Bartlesville and was wondering which Dealership you worked with? My local one doesn't even have a Promaster on the lot it appears.

    I'll be converting mine into a simple road tripping wagon for my fishing trips. Think I'll be going with a 2500 159WB.

    Any advice is appreciated. Lots of good info on this forum.

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