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I do not like the OEM and aftermarket lights as they leak after a couple of years when the foam gaskets of the screws disintegrate and also I had a couple of them leak due to glue failure between the clear and gray plastic base.
I don't know how to post a question, so I'm trying here. I'm looking at buying a used 2018 Promaster 2500 with 45,000 miles. Anyone have experience with these? Any problems I should know about? Thank you!
Made from scrap wood and some parts I found in the garage and basement, I had to buy the funnel. ADA height with elongated seat is the only way to go. It's also a trash can and seat (once I make a padded top for it). Put a trash bag in and it's good to go. Joint compound bucket and funnel...
Hello, Here is a very brief overview of how we made our bed adjustable for height and angle. The main reason for bothering with this was so that we could adjust the bed so that it would be level (for sleeping) when the van was not level. A good example of this is if you were parked on a suburban...
Here are some photos of how we finished off those hard to finish bits
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