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  • gringobombero ·
    Hey Steve, I know you ran a 2/0 fused positive from starter back to coach bank. Did you also run a full 2/0 negative to match? If not, what did you do for a ground system?
    gringobombero ·
    Hey Steve reading that thread re wiring from house batts to starter/alternator. I threw in a comment with a couple points. Interested to hear your views there and perhaps those of Winston's and others. Basically re what sort of amperage is ever going to travel that line. Just the differential between respective states of charge no? Unless the 'dead starter battery' situation arises and you need to start from house batts. Anyway, hoping you'll comment there. No need to reply here if so. I've gone with 300w 60 cell on the roof, Epever 40 amp controller for future expandability, Blue sea ACR.
    Did you put in a Battery shut off switch between house batts and your GoPower Inverter/Charger? What about at the starter battery. I'm thinking it's probs a good idea in addition to fuse/breaker protection of course.
    gringobombero ·
    Just ordering a shore power outlet. Although I don't anticipate big AC loads when on shore power, may as well keep options open right? Thus a 30 amp 'TT' style weather proof outlet mounted discretely with a conventional 15 amp power cord adaptor. Sound reasonable? What did you end up going with?
    RV8R ·
    Hi Steve

    Im new to this forum I have just purchased a 2018 ext Promaster

    I also live in Victoria & am camperizing the van

    Hope to hear back from you,
    ShaunB ·
    I actually cancelled the 2017 Diesel and found a slightly used 2016 Ext Diesel in Ottawa. I drove up there Saturday and picked it up. All is well except for two things. The fuel economy display is NOT working and needs a new part, which has been ordered under warranty. The driver's seat back is loose, new seat frame ordered, under warranty as well. I had the van into a van outfitter today to see how best to install my double seat in the back that I want to use as part of a dinette. I'm trying to learn if seats can legally be mounted facing sideways. I have a call into transport canada to find out. Sideways gives me a lot of options.
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