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Hey Everyone,
I turned 43,247 miles and I was having starting issues. Wouldnt start, transmission wouldn't shift, it stayed in 3rd gear. The selector wouldnt go from park to drive. It stopped at Neautral, then you had to put it back into Park, re-start and quickly put it into drive, which followed with a loud and hard THUD!! Took back to the place that installed my remote starter thinking something was hooked up wrong. We found out that these batteries are CHEAPO'S. Read out told us to replace the battery. Alternator and everything else was good.
I take it to Sears for a DieHard Gold EP-48 AGM. Thought I would have them install a very high rated battery. They installed and told me that the computer would reset itself. Thats not true.
Took it to a RAM DEALERSHIP, with out even looking at it, they tell me its a bad tranny. They are so busy, it will have to sit for a week before they can even look at it. Thats Bull___T! I had towed to the dealership I bought it from. They took it in, gave me a rental and called me 3 hrs later and told me they had to reset the computer prameters. IT WAS NOT A BAD TRANSMISSION!! Service manager said as soon as you have a battery problems, have your battery replaced before it does this to the computer.
So, when you go to replace your battery, replace it right away or you might have to reset the perameters on the computer. It cost me $25.00 for the tow and $60.00 for the reset!
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