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Yeah I know, Mickey Mouse compared to you guys/gals but the plan worked.
The curvature of the ribs easily addressed by thin(er) furring strips, then stacked to get the
depth I desired.
That depth for the second layer of Thinsulate.
OK, 2 x thinsulate not as good as a fat juicy foam board but the she-boss didn't frown at
all about more Thinsulate.
I not only screwed the base furring strip to the rib (thank God I listened to you guys/gals who said
do not put wires in the ribs), then the consequent layers of furring were screwed and glued. Nice
and stout; and the Thinsulate will have a full four inches to expand into.
So I'm typing and Poof is 3M90'ing the second layer into place. Next after a snack the ceiling panel
goes up.


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