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I bet many here who've gone through a build have experienced the obsession ??
I get pretty laser focused on a project--all I can think of and with a camper conversion
there is a lot to think of, especially if you're new to any of the various knowledge sets
required to pull something like this off.

With our van fully functional now and two shake-down trips totalling three weeks my obsession
is over. The van is not 100 percent though, but the trim challenges here and there can take
their sweet time and Poof can enjoy the process of experimentation and discovery...two things
I didn't want with electrical and insulation ;)

So we suddenly have some free time to do some of the things we've enjoyed for years but were
grossly back-burner'ed during the all consuming build, this from this past weekend, a three day
backpacking trip in the Virginia highlands.

And I can also get back to another passion, from the backyard this past Thursday-
[/url]Buteo arrival by MedicineMan4040, on Flickr[/img]
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