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I posted this elsewhere but thought it is better in it's own thread.

My van came with a window in the slider on the passenger side only. I installed CRL windows in the rest of the spaces to make it a window van.

Note!!!! The tint on the factory windows is a different color and shade (OEM is lighter and greener) than the CRL tint. The CRL tint is noticeably darker! This applies to the slider and rear door windows.

As a solution, I will be having a tint film applied to the factory-tinted OEM slider and rear door windows to get a better match. The tint film guy tried a few, and it appears a 15% grey tint added to the OEM glass (slider and back) will match the CRL tint, and the color difference is much less noticeable.

Has anyone applied window tint film themselves? Film is cheap and installer wants $185 for 3 windows.

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