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We have had so much help from various places for this build that I wanted to try and give back a little so we tried to document placement and I have posted this in several places in the hope it helps someone when they are doing their build. Sorry about how dirty it is, we got back from the desert and didn't clean because we knew we'd be drilling and cutting and making more mess!

We wanted to put a webasto heater in, we considered several places including under passenger seat but every place had an issue. In the end we decided on behind the driver seat and thought we'd take pictures to help someone else locate an easy spot that is clear underneath for installation. It looks like there is something underneath the hole but it didn't interfere with installation. We drilled pilot holes to check the position before cutting the big hole. We had to trim the plate a very small amount but sprayed it with spray paint.

Unfortunately where we chose was where the Lagun table mount used to be so we had to relocate it. Eventually we will build a step that will cover the heater and provide a mounting point for the table and a footrest for the swivel seats but in the meantime this is super solid.
I used plusnuts for mounting and scrap wood (it isn't the prettiest thing)

I positioned it so the leg could drop to the floor, this is so the seat can go all the way back once the top is taken off. It looks like it sticks out into the walkway but the seatbelt and trim come out the same distance so hopefully our ankles are safe!

IMG_0427-preview.JPG IMG_0426-preview.JPG IMG_0425-preview.JPG IMG_0428-preview.JPG 63018835982__8C8E03BC-5A61-449B-BCB3-4293EB02A6A7-preview.JPG IMG_4375.JPG IMG_1251.JPG IMG_1252.JPG IMG_2847.JPG
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