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Hey everyone

We have a Webasto Airtop 2000 STC gas version installed on our Promaster.

If you own one of these or another gas/diesel heater like it, you probably know about the benefits of operating continuously in a leaned out high-altitude mode, and the pitfalls of operating at sea-level mode. As such, we have ours set to high altitude mode.

However, when we were using it this past week, I noticed that the heater was putting out much more heat than usual after starting it up, and the fuel pump was clicking faster than it normally does. It was pretty obvious that the heater had somehow reset to sea-level mode at some point. It is normally supposed to stay in high-altitude mode even if power is lost, and for the past year and a half has done so.

It's an easy fix to "rent" the rheostat from Amazon to put it back in high-altitude mode, but I was wondering if anyone else's heater has reset itself as well, or if anyone knows what caused this? It would be pretty bad to not realize the heater reset itself up in the mountains until it doesn't fire up anymore.

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