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The Golden Goose of DIY.

Try this:

1. Go on EBAY and get six of those 2" attic fan louvered round fittings with the bug screens in back.
2. Go to TAP Plastics and have them mount them in black plastic with a u-curve at the bottom that fits over the edge of the glass of your front roll-up window glass.
3. Put them in your front windows so they take up just 2.5" of the top of the window and hide them with smoked wind deflectors.
4. That will produce a passive system between both front windows


1. Order a black plastic long vacuum cleaner carpet attachment that is at least 8" wide. You are going to mount it upside down, removably, in your drivers side window. You can pull it out in 10 seconds when you need to drive.
2. Have TAP plastics glue it in a black plastic that is the same shape as the top of your front window
3. Get some flexible duct hose that is the same color as your header from a flexible duct supplier on EBAY
4. Put one end of the duct hose on your vacuum cleaner carpet attachment using a size reducer
5. Put the other end of the duct hose on an inline 12 volt bilge fan for boats
6. Put more duct hose on the other end of the inline 12 volt bilge fan and put a hair dryer diffuser on the end of that. Get the biggest conical hair dryer diffuser you can get.
7. You can then hang the hair dryer vent from the roof with velcro and position the interior vent over, your bed, table, stove or table, as needed
8. You can make this a suck-in vent or a blow-out vent simply by changing the hose connections of the inline 12 volt bilge fan from one end to the other.
9. You would want to have one of those 2" louver gadgets from Part 1 in the passanger side window

Are there any other "already there" natural holes in the structure of the vehicle that you could blow air in or out of? Do any floor panels or other ports, that may be covered, go outside from inside the walls, bumper or otherwise?
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