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Hi All

Been looking for a some weeks now and decided to buy used. 159 WB Tall PM. We wanted more options but the more we looked, and learned here, the more we thought we could live without most of these and add them as needed after. So we ended up with only rear windows and vinyl seats. We ended up getting a 2017 with 19K miles for $23,900. We drove to Cleveland Ohio to get this deal as none of the dealers here (Detroit area) really wanted to do much for us.

What I was surprised about was the gas mileage. I expected 16 to 18 MPG but the 150 mile trip back produced 22 MPG avg. I am very happy with that. I love how it drives too.

Hoping to get some basic things done before winter here in Michigan. Just want to insulate and get some kind of flooring in. Maybe something on the walls too. We will probably do a trip this winter to Florida so a temporary bed is needed. I have some ideas on a layout but don't have a final plan. Just do this a little bit at a time.

Ceiling vent (powered) is a must but I am not sure where to put it yet. Will probably have roof A/C too as well as solar panels. Because of all of this going up there I need to get a good idea on spacing before I start cutting. Probably a roof rack too.

Looking forward to build 1.0 (not that there is going to be any other ;))

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