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Looking for opinions on the best way to finish the upper walls above the bed. Please see the photo below. My current plan is to cover the upper walls above the bed with 1/2” plywood attached to the walls via hex rivnuts in the support structure that runs front to back. I’m concerned with how to attach the upper portion to the sloped part of the van body. My plan was to cover the plywood with more T&G paneling like the ceiling.

The upper wall on the left will also have a 12” x 12” x 60” cabinet that will have to be attached to the same hex bolts at the bottom and maybe screwed into the 1/2” ply at the top.

The existing wood cabinet inbetween the bed and the bottle cap counter top will be extended to the ceiling and I’d also like to attach it to the wall.

Looking for tips on how to attach the plywood to the body near the roof line. I was thinking I could potentially run a bolt through at an angle?
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