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After 7 weeks and 3 days our PM conversion was up and running....not finished by any means and even on the shakedown trip
we completed several projects along the way.
Example, the solar system was not functional when we left and while Poof was driving I Amazon Primed via my phone 2 30amp in-line breakers ahead
to a fish camp I'd be at 3 days later. Once there I completed the solar install and then enjoyed some solar charging for the last 8 days of
the trip. But after completing my breaker install nothing on the solar charge controller! Then Poof noticed the breakers were off-flipped the two
switches and walla solar charging :)

So our 'shake' down trip totaled almost 2200 miles driven over 13 days....special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Nomer's understanding that I needed every waking
moment to pull off the Promaster for the trip.
We hit quite a few photo spots along the way including-
St. Augustine Alligator Farm
Merritt Island NWR
Viera Wetlands
Blue Cypress Lake
Kissimmee Lake

We used 'rv campgrounds' a couple of times, state parks several times, and boondocked a couple of times. In fact out first night on the drive down was boondocking
downtown Savannah Georgia at their visitor center. The city perfectly allows this and welcomes it. We parked with 8 other RVs that night.
Here's a typical view of a campsite at one of the Florida state parks we stayed at-

That was at Kissimmee Lake State park.

Our typical day would be get up at 0400, be at the boat ramp at 0530-0600, be on the water shooting until the bad light appeared around 11 a.m. Then back to the ramp and have several
hours to kill before the boat would launch again around 4pm. This is where having a campervan was idea because the next lake for shooting would be an hours drive away (gnarly sandy Florida backroads). We'd get there two hours early and I'd enjoy a nap before the next shoot.

Another campsite and a gem, kinda new opening back in 2007 and right beside Kissimmee Lake, in the interior of Florida and hardly used, hundreds of live oak
with tons of Spanish moss-

So shoot most of the day aside from my nap, and load/process images at night. In 12 days of shooting I brought back 24,000 images 98% of which will never be
seen and just further fill my photographic archives. Our Promaster conversion on this trip made a perfect platform for me to wrestle my images wherever we were. Here
I am doing a peek at an image while backing up that days photos-

For the longest time I puzzled over a table that either slid out or folded down. On this trip we realized the ARB frig on the Slide-master made the perfect little
table for us to eat on. We'd use the desk where we process pics/computer for food prep and serve it on the frig/table-

Well it's Florida and hot and humid, thank goodness we installed the Coleman Mach 8 cub, but one day when out shooting we discovered a very cool spot to lunch and nap
at while waiting on the next shoot--under I-95 :)

We consider the trip a huge success in that nothing smoked/hissed/popped=no sparks were seen. We learned a lot about what we need and don't for the next trip. We really
could have used the tarp which arrived while we were gone :( Our potty system modeled after Ms.Nomer worked perfectly for our needs---though we realize we're all different
in that regard. The trim work is still off into the future (crown molding for the wall-ceiling junction) and thats OK since I still have a TV antenna and Weboost to mount and cable
to run for them.
Oh, Poof and I didn't travel alone. Milo was with us-

Since we just returned yesterday I've only gotten one image posted to my Flickr page from the trip, but this gives an idea of what we were after-
[/url]Tribute to Ed, Archibald and Ron by MedicineMan4040, on Flickr[/img]

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We discovered the visitor center "campground" in Savannah but had already booked a few nights at a county campground (that was pretty nice!). The downtown Savannah parking/camping lot is on the list for another time. Charleston SC also has a similar setup downtown for campers.

Perhaps the puddy-tat was sticking his tongue out at the big birdie he saw outside... it sure looks like that birdie was thinking about him for dinner!

Great pics! Congrats on your first big trip.

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Thanks everyone.
Zwarte I really enjoyed the Osprey, in fact they were the main bird species targeted for this trip. I also did my best Spoonbill work and we did get the Snail Kite as well----needed the Snail Kite since they are the second (behind the California Condor) most endangered raptor in the U.S., so no telling how long they'll be around.

Great to hear about Charleston SC for b'docking. That area is another favorite because of the ACE basin and our historic trips there just to paddle.
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