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trim questions

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how have people approached this gap? i was thinking i'll just jigsaw out some more of the same 5mm ply i've been using smooth it out / glue it in with epoxy putty.

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also i happen to have one of the apparently somewhat rare promasters with sliding doors on both sides. the side that's mostly blocked by the shower i kinda wanna just block entirely with more 5mm ply. question is, will it pass inspection? i've still got the other door usable and the back door kinda usable, hah.

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finally, has anyone done trim repair? these shower faucet trim rings are, idk, prolly aluminum. i guess i was thinking i'd buy some similar stock aluminum and try to solder 'em up?
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I bet someone makes them in a copper color. I’ve definitely seen them in white which would probably look better than chrome.

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I can't imagine blocking an optional door would cause you to not pass inspection. But it's a nice extra if the plumbing/electric are done in such a way that opening the door allows you to fix anything that needs fixing. If anything went wrong behind my shower wall I'd have to rip everything out. What you don't want is some mechanic/inspector to open that door and mess up plumbing/electric threaded through it.
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