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After 2 very long dealer visits van seems to be fixed...
Put up a wall using galvanized beams and insulated it with polyiso foam sheets... the tool side i lined it with 1/8" aluminium diamond plate...
Think I'm going to add one more shelving unit...

Living side I just tossed a twin bed in there my build is cut short with a 2500 mile work trip this week.. but planning on insulating and throwing some paneling up.

I also installed a rostra cruise control unit... super easy took 45 mins which most of that time was spent hiding and securing wires...

Got a killer deal on a new in the box ryobi generator/inverter which I'll use to run a portable ac/heater.
Planning on mounting a box to the inside wall of the tool side to mount thr generator in. Ill run the exhaust outside the van and have 2 fans circulate air to the genny box.

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