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I just received 2 Thule 12v Omnisteps from a distributor in England. I ordered a700mm step and a 400mm. My total cost was 650 pounds, about $825 USD. There was another $35 fee from the USA shipper, I think it was an import tax.

I plan on the 700mm step for the side slider and the 400mm on the passenger front door. The steps come with a manual switch, but I think I will figure out how to make them operate automatically with the door.

The distributor is Leisureshop direct in Devon , England. They were the only company that would ship to California.

The muffler location prohibits the 700mm step from being tucked in as far as I would like, so inspect this before you order. I don't think returns are an option. ( I have a 159 gasser ) not sure where the exhaust is on other models.

I have not installed them yet, I will keep you posted on my progress.
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