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When our usual habits do not, will not, suffice.

When we need to explore new places, experience unique panoramas, inhale exotic smells.

And be inspired by them.

Hear new (or at least long forgotten) sounds, including the many varieties of silence.

And wonder about them.

Take bold, calculated risks.

Then learn from the failures, and revel in the tiniest of victories.

And then?


As comforting as habits are, they do little to inspire, inform, or energize our lives.

At least not our lives. We need fresh things to keep us fresh.

Including fear, humility, even intimidation...

...balanced with awe, introspection, and appreciation.

Our lives are predictable in that we are inundated with new information ("news") all too often, to the point that we are largely desensitized to it before we've even processed it.

Sidestepping that cycle and immersing ourselves into real places -- doing things that can please, or hurt, or teach, or kill us -- brings us back to the present. To the simple state of being present.

Whatever it is that scares, inspires, intimidates, or emboldens you -- reach out, embrace it. The time is right.

Thanks for checkin' in.

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Hi Mike.

At a minimum, that's time well spent.

At best, that's a well lived life.

Peace 'n [childlike] play forever!

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