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Major progress today.

a. Ya gotta have a name. On one of our early trips with the 5th wheel it was apparent that all you could see out the rear view mirror was the big awesome white thing, So the 5er became the BAWT. It struck me that the little white van camper could be a little awesome white thing LAWT. Still in conceptual stages.

b. I actually went and looked at one. I was concerned about "awkward driving position". No problem.

c. Spousal attitude change. The first few times I mentioned it the response was "You're crazy". After looking at it the dialog was "How are you going to pay for it; New is better than used; trade you car in, don't try to sell it."

Plans: Continue learning, a couple of more trips in the Truck Cap Camper, then about the time the 2021s appear start negotiations for a new 2019.

Brief Bio:
Born 1944, Married 1967
Tenting as young married no kids in the US, then in Germany with infant and tottler.
popup, 5th wheel, popup, truck cap camper
traveled the us with wife in 5th wheel, solo corolla tent and popup.
10 years dry camping on the Navy Base in Key West
Somewhere along there wife decided she didn't like camping - so the LAWT will be a one man act.

That's enough for now

Joel Myers

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Welcome, from another one man act (similarly, my wife is not camping with me).

Being just one person in a van really lets you tailor it to your needs.

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A little more about my RVing background to give you a better idea of where I'm coming from.

1. The 5er. Several awesome trips with my wife. Yellowstone, Glacier, Moab, Durango, Monument Valley... Lessons learned.
a. With a towed vehicle its pretty much tow it campground to campground then tour the area in the one ton Dodge. I mention the Dodge because it's longer than the PM 136.
b. Max 300 miles a day, stop mid afternoon and relax.
c. At most one one night stand in a row.
d. Add a do nothing day to the plans for a longer stop.
e. We're don't stay in at campground for days. Set up & go to town.
f. Restaurant nearby is an important campground criteria.

2. Corolla Tent trip. When we were at Yellowstone, I drove the Beartooth - to the Montana border - closed because of a mudslide. I wanted to go back. Every time I mentioned it, SWMBO said "So Go". Finally decided to do in the Corolla with a tent.
a. With a tent, you have find a campground.
b. You need your own pot. I had a p jug but...
c. You need a place to relax.

3. Popup. I wanted to do the Oregon Coast. Corolla Tent seemed a little brutal. Bought a Popup with furnace, AC, hot & cold running water. Oregon coast in the summer means you better have campground reservations. I reserved for a week at three sites.
a. See 1a.
b. See 2a.
c. A week is too long to stay in one place for me. Three - four days.

4. Dry camping for the winter at Trumbo Point, NAS Key West for 10 years. Great friends, food, weather, memories. Learned a lot about batteries.

Chart from the Battery University. Stage 1 the battery takes all you can give it until it reaches the stage 2 curve. Recommended stage 1 charge rate is .3C, or 60 amps for a 200 ah battery bank. Charging in the morning I had a 40 amp charger in the 5er and a 40 amp portable charger. The charge rate tapered off after about 30 minutes. Shut the generator off and let solar take over. So what does this mean for the LAWT? I don't know but I'm going to use the 20 amp B-B charger and see how that works.

Lessons learned:
a. Life without hookups is good.
b. Solar is wonderful.
c. Flooded Lead Acid Batteries are a pita. AGMs are worth the extra cost, to me.
c. Overnights at a truck stop or casino is pleasant.

5. Truck Cap. All the above have a couple of problems:
a. Towed things have tires fail on the road.
b. Not spontaneous for meals, one night stands.
Truck Cap Camping solves those issues. Pleasant at a campground but no lounging area at a truck stop.
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