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Test drove a 2014 PM 1500 136" WB low roof, no rear windows or side slider today at my local dealer. My current work van is a 1997 GMC Savana 2500.

Overall I was very pleased with how the PM drove. My main complaint was the visibility out the back which can be fixed later. My other complaint was the seat did seem a bit uncomfortable. I will be purchasing many accessories in near future for it.

- Add rear and side windows
- Back up camera
- Remote start
- Cargo mat in rear
- Add in custom shelving
- Hitch
- Fold down ladder rack

Few questions

- The seat seemed kind of uncomfortable but I did not drive it for long, the passenger seat does not come with an armrest. I have read on this forum a "lumbar" option can be added. How do I know if this is already an option on it, and if it is not can it be ordered/added?

- Can the 1500 136" wb low roof have the 3 front seats option installed? I think it would be cool to have 2 passengers.

- Here in Alberta, Canada, the backup camera option is an additional $650 at this dealer. Seems kind of pricey to me seeing as how it is pre wired. Can other cameras work with the existing wiring and screen that are more affordable?

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