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After having the Van for about 6 months, mainly used for work and quick getaways with the girlfriend, it is time to finally start modding the van for some weekend/getaway comforts. The Van is mainly used for hauling bikes, gear and dogs around at the moment.

So lets begin:


Removed the Factory panels:


After Removing the Upper panels and installing the KilMat, it gave my buddy Jared a chance to start working on ideas to fab up a bed rail system using e track railing that can serve multiple functions. Mainly a bed system that can easily be taken in or out relatively quickly and that bikes would fit underneath without removing the front wheels. Running through some ideas he and his fabrication partner came up with a solution to attach the E tracks to the van sides and give clearance of the bikes. The only problem was that the van side reinforcement bars are inset and using them required some fabricating. To make the sides flush, they mocked up steel braces that would act as the attachment points for the e track. After a few mock ups and dry fits they had a template measured out to design. After cutting steel square tubing and cutting coupons to weld up, we used the drill press to line up the holes on where they needed to be Jared and Mike got to welding. I was blown away with how great this turned out. They even went the extra mile to cut the trim panels out to fit the e tracks. The e tracks were dry fit with the skorva telescoping rails from Ikea and fit perfect on the etracks.

More phots to follow.





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