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Suggestion for glue/adhesive to hold plastic screen onto VWD slider door window (exterior)?

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We have a VWD window in our slider door and, as has previously been noted, the screen is on the outside. The adhesive which holds the velcro to the van (which holds the screen on) failed, likely due to the fact that it reaches triple digits here occasionally and that side of the van faces due south.

Last summer (after the screen fell out) I used standard gorilla glue to put it back on (the remnants of which you can see in the window still). This 'fix' failed again this summer.

Any recommendations for a different adhesive to use? I'm not exactly sure what type of plastic the screen is made of; it's glossy black and hard. The hard part is that it gets sun constantly in the summer along with triple digit temps on occasion.

Thanks in advance! And wow! those windows look dirty. Looks cleaner in real life..馃槵

Plant Building Window Shade Motor vehicle

Rectangle Mesh Grille Automotive exterior Grass

Leaf Plant Fines herbes Road surface Grass


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SEM Seam Sealer is one of my favorite glues. It might work.

It should be OK for high temperature as the door would experience.
Sounds good, thank you for the suggestion! VWD is kindly sending another screen (with the velcro they use to attach it), but I will try this first. Thanks!
I do not understand the application, but Velcro Industrial's adhesive back is rated to 150掳F. A piece has held to the exterior of my van for seven years.
I am not sure if this was not the same adhesive (it is 'velcro', maybe not official 'Velcro'), or if actually gets close to 150' in the sun. There is also a fair amount of size variation as the screen surround heats up, and as the screen surround expands it gets a touch bigger than the window area designed to hold it, and then sort of buckles out of the window. I was planning on shaving down the surround on this second window before installation to see if that helped decrease strain on the adhesive.

All that being said, I think the original design of using velcro to hold an exterior screen onto a van which can go 90MPH for hours at a time is not optimal.
Just to be sure, do you intend to get rid of the "hook & loop fastener" (velcro as opposed to Velcro) and permanently glue the screen in place, or do you want to try to glue velcro to the window and the frame?
I was going to glue the old frame to the window and permanently (until it falls out again 馃槀) put the screen in place. I think I was unclear about that in my last post. The new screen with velcro would be a backup for when the old screen and SEM seam sealer fail at speed (instead of the driveway) and are unrecoverable.
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If the screen is glued in place, will you be able to clean the outside glass? Does that matter to you?

Be sure to give any glue (or adhesive-backed Velcro) its best chance: mechanically clean all the old adhesive off the parts, then just before applying the glue use some kind of a cleaner to make sure that fingerprint oils are gone. Rubbing alcohol or Windex is fine. Also, rig up some kind of way to put some pressure on it. Maybe an old cushion or pillow? Wide masking tape might work.

You might try this: VELCRO Brand Extreme Outdoor Mounting Tape

But it does not mention high temperature or automotive :-(

There is this: VELCRO Sticky Back For Auto but it is not the ideal dimensions.
These are great tips and suggestions. Thank you!
Quick update here, I use SEM seam sealer and reinstalled the original screen, pics below. It feels really solidly attached, hope springs eternal. Will update if/when it auto-ejects :D so no news is good news.

IF this works better, it's probably because I sanded down the corners of the original screen. Mine was just a few mm too large for the window opening so it buckled somewhat when it expanded in sun or the window flexed or whatever. Not sure if this was due to a faulty window install (?) or maybe poor design?

VWD kindly (the PO had purchased the window >1 year ago) sent me a very well packaged screen with more velcro on it (real Velcro (R), @MsNomer ) but I opted to go with the original since I had already scraped off the Gorilla glue (admittedly a bad prior solution, done in haste hours before a long trip). and sanded down the corners.

Tagging @aaronmcd and @Eagle765 since they seemed interested about this in this other thread Rear window options

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and expertise here, I really appreciate it.

Plant Building Rectangle Mesh Grass

^that top right corner looks like it's not flush but it's actually situated nicely within the lip
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