I purchased these on sale last year, thinking they would be a great way to finish the open slots in the slider and rear doors and provide a little extra storage.

Rectangle Wood Font Metal Automotive exterior


However, while they do, in fact, look very nice, there were no dimensions provided in the item details, and it turns out that I don't find them particularly useful in terms of storage. So I'm hoping that someone here will have something to store that does actually fit inside them, and will take them off my hands!

The actual dimensions are as follows:

  • Openings: 18" w x 2 3/4" h, with 4" between the openings
(the space inside is continuous, so it's a total of 40" long).
  • Inside storage space: 1 1/2" d x 4 1/4" h, with a 1" lip at the bottom and a 1/2" lip at the top.
Rear doors
  • Opening: 17 3/4" x 2"
  • Inside storage space: 1 3/4" d x 3 1/4" h, with a 3/4" lip at the bottom and a 1/2" lip at the top.

Price is $100 plus shipping (including the cost of having them packed by my local Pack n Ship). Or you can meet me in northern New Mexico in the next few weeks (or along my route through Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and eventually the Olympic Peninsula between now and August-ish) and save the shipping.