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Steering Issue Fixed - Repaced Tie Rods instead of the Steering Rack & Pinion

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I want to share my experience on steering issues with ProMaster 2500, but probably same applies ProMaster 3500.

I have had steering issues for a while - first, steering wheel started to vibrate, later the shaking increased continuously, that it started to really annoy me until it was simply not acceptable. Car pulled to the side partially as well.

So I went to a dealer who wanted to replace the steering rack & pinion saying this is the only way to fix it, no problem at that particular moment, but he quoted 2k !!!!!!
I drive the Promaster cause its low cost and does its job well, 2k are not acceptable. It should make money, not burn it. :-D

I went ahead to private owned shops in Atlanta and the second guy I met suggested to replace the inner and outer tie rods - those were not sold by RAM individually but he's done it before with parts from ebay - quote: 250USD for parts and 250USD for labor, 500USD in total. Sounded much better to me.

He ordered the parts and said to come back in 3 days, what I did - he replaced them while I was in his shop, took him about an hour and hour and a half - I was happy to see he put in actually MOOG parts, I feel better with American brands rather than some China products or no names.

Guys the drive from the shop was a day and night difference, super smooth steering - I have made another 20k miles and its still perfect - lets see how long it lasts.

Wanted to share my experience here cause I didn't find any related topics. Really if you want to save money don't listen to the guys replacing the entire Steering Rack and Pinion, that's just money making for me.

Ill be updating on other issues and how it behaves.
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my 20 has been drifting around some and hard to handle in high wind. i got moog inner and outer tie rods on the way. ordered from rock auto. ill update after i install them.
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