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Standing Laptop Desk in High Roof Promaster Van

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Hey so I did a bit of searching and could not find any info or standing desks in vans...

I recently suffered a slipped disc in my lower spine and it's from 31 years of abuse to my body on skateboards, snowboards and bicycles amongst other things and being bad about stretching warm ups... but the biggest culprit and what ultimately did it was bad posture...

I work from my van a ton on my laptop.. I'm still building it out - just finished floor and insulation. I have new lumbar supports in my seats... sleeping with pillows...

I plan to have a garage with bikes and bed platform above that.

My question is for those with taller bike accomodating bed platform setups... do you think I could just stand next to the bed platform and put my laptop on the bed on a solid surface and that would work for a standing desk?

Or should I build something into the wall? or... what?


I know, kind of a weird topic, but as someone who is taking their time with their build I wanted to get this out there and get some opinions as I need to plan for this a bit... otherwise I would just try out the bed platform and see if it suffices - but I need a solution.

Thanks a ton for thoughts and opinions... hopefully we can get some good info and I'll post a photo of how I end up solving this problem...

Cheers and take care of yourselves! Stretch properly! Do Yoga, don't hate on it like I used to :)
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I would suggest a Lagun table mount

THe bottom mounting bracket allows you to adjust the height of the table so you can vary the height instead of leaning over to match with bed height. There may be a number of places you could mount it in the van to provide you with a adjustable height and position laptop desk. Plus, you would not have to lean over, your feet would fit under the "overhang"

More pics at: https://www.promasterforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79298

Not cheap, but very useful! In my setup, I can even use it outside the door. Additional base mounting plates are available.


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The Lagun table mount looks great, though...who cares, it was so long ago. Wanted to know how you set up your van. I don't have a spine problem, but I am interested in a similar space-saving proposition. I was planning on following your example, but I never found out what you did in your van. Maybe you could share. I don't have a lot of space, and I was thinking of making a kitchen table with a mechanism that turns it into a high table to work on. For example, to stand at the bar and look straight ahead - put the table at that level. I just got a table from LINK DELETED and I thought it wouldn't be hard to make it myself and put it there.
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