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2017 159, w/dual sliders. SF Bay area
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Since I have no connection to the organizer, I don't think this qualifies as a commercial post. Moderators correct me if I'm wrong.

Over on the Sprinter Forum, HarryN gives a lot of good advice on electrical systems. Harry has a business in Livermore where he does installations. He is having an Open House on 3 March 2018. While his focus is Sprinters, there is a lot of common ground across platforms. I'm going to pick his brain and see what others have done.

Details as of this morning:

Where: 3985 N 1st Street, Livermore, CA Suite S
When: 3 march 2018, 1PM until 9PM (ish)
What: (From his post on the other forum)
As far as food and drinks:
- We are not serving a "meal", but instead some "snacks"
- I thought about grilling, but I am a terrible cook and usually burn food (just ask my kids)
- We will bring some items like meat balls, chicken strips, and pretzels. We are sort of guessing at quantities but will try to make sure that at least the pretzels don't run out.
- My wife thinks that I need to drink less soda, so there will be bottled water only
- It turns out to be complicated to be involved in alcohol as a business, so we are not supposed to allow alcohol in the building. What people do on their own is up to you.
- The building only has one bathroom. Still thinking about that aspect.

Post on the Sprinter Forum:

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