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SOK is just one of many good lithium brands out there (I have no financial interest in this). But, a few of us have SOKs, so I thought I'd create a thread to share our experiences with their care and feeding, etc. There is also a SOK Battery Facebook Group run by SOK. "SOK Batteries" is the admin and answers questions. Lots of user discussion, too. Official spec sheets are also available there, under Files. I've attached them here.

I installed two 206Ah SOKs (in parallel) in the spring of 2021. I charge them with solar (4x100W panels via Bogart PWM controller), DC-DC (Renogy 60A and 220A alternator), and shorepower (via GoPower IC-2000). I'm still learning how my chargers behave with lithium, and refining their charge settings to get the results I want. Thankfully, the batteries don't seem to care as much as I do. And I don't worry about freezing them since we keep the van heated at home and on the road.

It's easy to assume the 206Ah version is equivalent to two of the 100Ah versions. That's not true. The 206Ah version has the exact same specs as the 100Ah version in terms of max charge and discharge rates, BMS, etc. It just has twice the storage capacity. To run a 2000W inverter, you still need a minimum of two of either kind.

SOK's BMS also has a rather unique cell balancing method, which conveniently supports my desire to not fully recharge them all the time. As I understand, the "top balancing" method is more common, but it requires practically a full charge to activate. Here's a partial thread of mine on the Facebook Group:


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