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3500 miles on the van now, and the more I drive it, the more I like it. Put a rubber mat in it, quieted it down some. Have not had the time to do more. Used to controls now,
so no more fumbling around. Van drives great, very quick and fun to drive. Been getting high teens, low 20s around town, high 20s, low 30s on highway, pending how hard I'm
driving. An SLT cargo, have gotten used to the no window
thing, not bad. Seats comfy, sight lines great, thing is fast. Trans engine combo is nice . Always finds the right
gear pending on how hard gas pedal is pushed. Starting to see more of them around now, mostly cargo. Have noticed TV adds for them now as well. It has proven to be a great little worker, and will be a great road trip machine this summer. Jamming at work so have not had
time to do things/upgrades. Even so, happy to hop in it and go as is. It is a fun little truck !
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