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I just ordered a nifty (I think it is) alternator/solar charge controller from an Australian company called Projecta. My understanding is that it'll distribute power from the alternator or PV panels OR both simultaneously, depending on the voltage each is producing. Here's a link to the product page: https://www.projecta.com.au/dual-battery-charger-idc25

My question is: Do PMs have so-called "smart alternators"? For the sake of detail, I have a 2015 gas 2500. The unit has an ignition override wire for vehicles w/ this type of alternator. Here's the language from the installation guide:

If your vehicle has fixed voltage or temperature compensating alternator
installed, leave the Ignition Override cable (blue colour) open.
If your vehicle has smart (variable voltage) alternator installed, the Ignition
Override cable must be connected to the vehicle’s ignition. The IDC25 will only
operate when the vehicle’s ignition is turned on.
However, if solar panels are connected to IDC25, the IDC25 will operate and
only draw power from solar panels (assuming vehicle’s ignition is turned off).
Fit a 1-2A fuse to the cable as close as possible to the vehicle’s ignition.
Consult the vehicle manufacturer for type of alternator installed in your vehicle.​

Any thoughts?
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