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2018 ProMaster 1500 136"
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Can anyone tell me if the power side-view mirror knob is replaceable? Or do I need to replace the whole switch assembly which appears to include the folding switch and window up/down switches?

My 2018 1500 came (pretty used) with power adjustable, folding, heated mirrors. The knob for the adjustments is missing, though all adjustments can still be made via the little clear plastic post that remains. Need a pretty strong grip to rotate it to switch sides, and the post is sharp at the top which makes me guess it's broken off.

Has anyone seen what the post should look like, and if mine pictured might accept a knob?

I assume if it is replaceable it would remove by just pulling straight up, so would install replacement by just pressing it on. Is this correct?

And I'd appreciate a pointer to the knob and/or the switch assembly because I'm not yet very savvy with the online parts shopping systems so have been down a few dead-end rabbit holes looking. (I did glean the part# 5XN43JXWAD from a different thread which I thought had potential but it's not for the folding mirrors or my model year anyway, apparently.)

Thanks much.

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