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Shop recommendation near San Jose CA

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Our reverse camera died and looks like the whole cieleing needs to comeout to install a new one.
I personally suck at upholstry work and always manage to break a clip or two.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good shop in Bay area for such work.

I think the top shelve will need to be removed too for access
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Your van looks very nice. Similar to you - I am not great with removing panels like that. Probably most people will break a few pins, it is a matter of how many and having the right replacement parts to make it all work.

Are you thinking to go to a upholstery shop - have them remove some interior panels - and then do the camera work yourself or similar?

There used to be a shop near 101 and Berryessa road ( I lived in that area a long time ago) but no idea if it is still there.

Another place they tend to be is along 880 in the east bay (due to lower commercial rent pricing )

Those shops always are the ultimate mind blowing experience. I still remember going into that one. Everyone looks a little rough around the edges and strong as heck. Then they sit down at an industrial sewing machine and create amazing art work in very tough to work materials.
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