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Hi all I just sold my 03 140" low roof sprinter and my dealer is finding me a 159 high roof PM

I had American Van shelving in it and it was pretty good but needs improvement

My problem is 2 part

I have about 5 large heavy tools that require a deeper shelf (24") to keep the tools off the floor. The steel shelf I have them in is too small (notice the compressor on the floor) and It's a back breaker getting those large heavy tools outta that shelf because of the metal lip that runs along the front of the shelves.

wet saw 75 lbs
miter saw 65 lbs
table saw 70lbs
chipping hammer

I have 24x48 5' high shelf that works but is too small for all my large tools
and a killer to get them out (for me anyways)

I saw "parcel delivery" shelves that looked deep enough without the large lip I guess Id just have to figure out how to keep the tools secure

The Knapheide partition that allows for seat travel is also a must since im 6'2" (tired of knees in the dash)

The deep shelf shown in my pic also keeps me from standing up 4x8 sheets flush with the shelving opposite the slider. The other shelves are 16" deep

4x8 sheets are my other concern since I always seem to be hauling them.

I looked at the big upfitters but nothing really struck me with a clear solution.

Wanted to put this out there and see what you have come up with or any opinions for a shelving product.

I have heard of steel units that install off the floor to allow you to lay sheets flat but cant seem to locate anything that works with a high roof or PM type setup.

I wanted to mention that I would also need regular shelving for normal power tools fasteners etc etc (alot).

I do kitchen, baths and interior remodeling so I wanted a setup that allows me to have all my tools on board at all times.

I figured I couldn't be the only one tired of tripping over my bigger tools.

I'm sure you guys have come up with some great solutions to this kind of thing already so lets see em!!
thanks in advance for sharing!

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thanks for the response

I did consider making shelving from scratch but my timing sucks and things are already ramping up for spring.

It seems like there's a lot out there.

I spoke to a local upfitter today offering weathermaster and adrian.

I gave them my whole deal on what I wanted

I keep you guys posted on what they come up with.

in the mean time any other ideas welcome and thanks again
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