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Hey folks,
I'm going to have a family member in the UK send me a few Dometic Seitz S4 windows. First order will be 900mm x 500mm (width x height). These will be top hung windows with black outer frames, and a cream inner. They have the integrated privacy / bug screens.

Best info I can get on these comes from the UK, where Dometic sells them freely. Not sure why Dometic doesn't distribute the S4 window in the US, but these have been impossible to get domestically, so I'll have some shipped. The distance means the wait will be a few weeks, and the price significant.

Detail from the UK Dometic page:

Size info, as the 900x500 dimension is ordering size. Cutout is a little different:
http://www.motorcaravanning.co.uk/pdf/Seitz S4 Windows & Size Chart.pdf

At this point, I am planning to only order this one model of window (hedging agains breakage in shipping.. if 2 go down, maybe the other 2 will survive!) I might order others in the future as my build progresses and I convince a couple friends that the windows are worth the wait and cost.

I'm not looking for payment or commitment now, just trying to gauge interest for a $600-$700 window. I think that price would include shipping domestically, but don't know for sure. Pickup in CO would also be an option.
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