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I like seat covers as much for looks as for protection. I simply despise all the black in our cab.

Almost exactly 3 years ago, Trecilla introduced me to Eurow backless seat covers, available on Amazon. That pair is finally showing its age, and that particular print is no longer available, so I made new ones, using the old ones as template, parts source, and inspiration for improvement.

This is the new version of my originals:

The seat part fits our seats perfectly. Straps go under the seat and attach to other straps coming down between seat back and seat bottom. Another strap goes around the middle of the back, and holds straps coming down the back of the headrest.

My improvements:

The originals came up over the headrests, but never seemed to stay put. I cut that part off and used D-rings onto the headrest stalks to attach the top of the seat back cover. I covered the headrest separately with stretchy material.

The seat portion of the original is actually a loop, so it can slide way forward. I cured that by attaching the strap between seat back and seat cushion firmly to a bar under the rear of the seat.

When MrNomer gets in/out, he tends to pull the seat cushion sideways. I cured that with tent hooks that conveniently hook under the seat trim on both sides.

The original was a sturdy foam-backed microfiber. I was not able to find anything like it, so I bought a microfiber Walmart quilt, $25 for king size. I was able to reuse fasteners, some of the straps and the knit skirt from the original--what is the chance the color would match? I think I have enough of the quilt left that I can make a second set.

The result:

And because I started with a Walmart quilt, I can coordinate:

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