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If you have a cooler in your camper van, this may be of interest to you.

Today, I attended an RV show in Hartford, CT... lotsa nice stuff, but I'm still happier with my DIY Promaster! That being said, I did see a really nice Travato K discounted to $79,000... not a bad price.... but, I digress.

So, at the show, there was a booth selling a cooler accessory to put in your cooler to make it easier to use ICE! I was impressed, so I thought I'd pass some info along to my fellow forum members who use coolers.

It's called a COOLER MATE Insert, and is sold by friendly, outgoing entrepreneurs who offer the product. Here's a picture:

You put it into your typically sized cooler and fill it with ice. Benefits?

No water to deal with in your food... use drain tube to siphon water so you don't need to unload food to drain....no leakage... keeps stuff really cool!

I told them I'd mention their product on the forum and hope that it will be useful info for forum members. If you contact them, tell 'em you heard about it on the forum... good public relations for our forum out there in the world of RV products. It's a family business run by some nice people!

Website link with more info: https://coolermateinsert.com/product/coolermate-insert/

I told them I'd be lost without my Engel, but for a whole lot less $$$ this looks like a great idea!


ps. Lousy phone picture at show to give you an idea of size.
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