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I wanted to cross post this from the Builds thread in case anybody is interested. The link takes you to a superbly documented project in the UK on a RHD Ducato, keep that in mind - or bring a mirror...
The link lands in the 'bed' section but there are embedded links on the bottom of every page to the whole Project. Remarkable.

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Hello all. Newbie on board - Fair Warning

I'm still in the dreaming phase, but am pretty well sold on the Promaster as my Campervan platform of choice. All my (years) of lurking have lead me to a similar basic plan as is being bantered about here. I wanted to call everyone's attention to (in my non craftsman mind) a remarkable build from the UK - in particular the treatment of the seating/bed arrangement in the front section behind the cab. Keep also in mind the platform is RHD and maybe on the 159" WB, so adjust your geometry accordingly. I find the design and craftsmanship by this Family truly amazing. Maybe those of you way ahead of me on your dreams/builds will get another round of ideas for us all.
Take a peak:


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