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I bought my Promaster 1500, 136" WB, high roof, gas engine the end of December 2013. I originally ordered it in July and had to wait 6 months for the specific options I wanted. I was a bit upset about the wait because I had to spend an additional $2500 to keep my old van operating during that time. I must say though it was worth the wait.

Things I love about the Promaster:

  • short turning radius
  • front wheel drive handles very well on slippery roads
  • 17.4 MPG after 7000 miles
  • very peppy and responsive
  • great braking
  • wide dimension (54") between the wheel wells
  • elevated view of roadway
  • many storage nooks on doors and dash
  • quiet and cushy ride for a truck
Things that I don't like:

  • It seems higher then my old Ford E 250, harder to get in and out of
  • brakes squeak occasionally
I have been running Ford Econoline vans for over 20 years. The Promaster is a much better cargo vehicle in almost every way
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