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Hi all. I'm Considering buying a promaster cargo and converting it to be a patient transporter. I'd love to hear some advice from anyone who uses their promaster as a work van / runs their van all day, about what they think, with some modifications, can I make this thing a really comfortable ride for passengers in the back?

-I'm looking into complete air suspension in the back, which includes removing leaf springs. what's the ride like stock? rough? I've yet to test drive one.

-What's the noise level at? I would probably lay down some thinsulate / sound deadening material in back.

-Promaster has received some not so good reviews. Poor driving position, steering feels disconnected, loud....what is your take considering I'll be driving it all day and I don't want to make any compromises for comfort when it comes to my passengers...can I make this into a really comfortable ride for everyone?

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