2019 Promaster 2500 High Roof with tow package 14k miles (by the time you get it)
Odometer today: 13,352
Located in Kansas.
I paid this off Friday so now the wait for title begins. I'll post better pics and info when I have the title.

Insulated roof and walls
2-way fan in rear, 1-way fan in front
Solar system - Three 160-watt Reonogy panels with Four 100ah batteries
2,000 watt Inverter
Renogy app with Bluetooth connection (last photo)
LED lighting with dimmer
Clearance cameras on top - dash and rear cams record.
Never towed or slept in - this is a good blank-canvas van for you to bugout in and/or travel.
Usual minor dings except crease on right-rear quarter panel noted in picture.
Please private message your questions along with intended method for payment.
The lighting, cameras and fans all run off solar system so no drain on starting battery.
The paneling and folding bed frame were installed 'temporary' to move states 3 years ago.