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Hello Forum, just picked up my new PM yesterday! It's a 2017 3500 159 Red gasser. I am in Omaha Ne and had to go up to Mitchell SD to pick it up. (Just under a four hour trip) In South Dakota we were greeted by 25 mile an hour winds with gusts to 35mph. Made the first leg of trip not so fun, luckily it abated about an hour and a half in.

I buy and sell old signs, coke machines etc. Sorta like the American Pickers...only I am real and have far less $$!
It's gonna be used for cargo as mentioned above. I am also going to tow with it. Excited about seeing how it does with a 14 X 7 enclosed trailer behind it. Got some great info from folks towing with PM's. Pushed me over the edge to buy one. The great thing is now I can probably leave the trailer home 80% of the time now.

Its a big switch from my Chevy Express Extended 6.0 Window van. Hoping IM not going to look back!
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