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Over the river and through the woods
To Osage Hills we go.
The van knows the way and there we will stay
Whether or not there's snow.

Over the river and through woods
Oh, how the wind doth blow.
But we don't care, Webasto's here
As over the ground we go.

No family anywhere near, so for the third year in a row, we will spend Christmas in the van at our favorite state park. We may have the park all to ourselves. Last year, we socialized with a man from Ohio who was stunned that strangers would say hello, much less invite him in.

We won't go hungry. All sorts of goodies are in store, but at least the weather should be amenable to a ~10-mile hike. We will splurge on electrical hookup so we can use the induction cooktop, but anything aromatic is already cooked.

No grand exotic scenery, but pleasant and peaceful.

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Be well and travel safely MsNomer and all the other members and friends here in PMForum. Enjoy our differences and embrace our quirks. We had a plan to go to the beaches on the Sea of Cortez at Christmas but all the locals are already there. Christmas is a big family holiday and get-away in Mexico too.
My two Sister’s will be happy I’m not leaving to camp as we usually do. That means we can all gorge and rest it off. Reread “A Childs Christmas in Wales" for inspiration or better yet listen to Dylan Tomas reading his own work. I do miss the snow, the cold, not so much.
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