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136 High Roof & 118 Low Roof
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G'Day Everybody

We finished our build around May - It took us 3 months to get the van as we custom ordered it with the options we wanted. It arrived in Mid December, so we had to try and build it during the winter months. That was brutal! We have tried to maximize space and functionality in a small van space, I think we have achieved that goal. We are very happy with the build.

We took it for our first trip to Yellowstone, we were camping out 3 weeks and 2 days in it. We did 8650 miles at an average of 19.4 mpg.

Here is a video uploaded on you tube showing the finished van features. My wife was also wise enough to talk me into recording the build. We have uploaded 12 instructional videos so far on our build, there is a couple more to go. There may be some useful information for fellow builders or just some build ideas to use or modify for your own build.

I browsed this forum, for many months getting ideas and information to create my build, I suppose its time to give back to you guys and gals.

Our 118 Low Roof Build on You Tube





Robert Andersen

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12 instruction videos?

That is a lot of work
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