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Hello All. I purchased a certified used 2015 PMC August 15. It had 12,200 miles on it, the "wagon" version with the 2nd row seats, back up camera, nice new Conti sneakers, it has Nav-TomTom, but no XM, no speakers in the plastic shelves in the cargo bay; it has some extras compared to the new 2016 PMCs I had been looking at: already had roof rails, fog lights, leather steering wheel cover, heated seats, POWER rear windows!.
I had the dealer add a full size spare kit (need to drop that spare and make sure i got what I paid for) and the trailer hitch.

I had been researching this class of vehicle for some time but a series of events prompted me buying now. I have a full time job as an engineer with a 35 mile rt daily commute and I also have a rental property a couple blocks up the street from my house. I have an '01 Astro AWD beater I use for the work on my house and rental apartments, and up until a freak storm July 18th, I had an '10 Hyundai Elantra wagon. My Elantra was CRUSHED by a tree.
As I said, I had been looking at this class of vehicle as a future replacement for the Astro, but I think this PMC will replace both the Hyundai wagon and the Astro. I LOVE the Astro, but it has SO many issues, it is a constant project, and i just don't have the time anymore.

I am feeling pretty good the last few weeks using the PMC for my rental prop chores. Getting my utility trailer on with the back up camera is beyond easy. I don't know how I ever did it without.
I've been getting 25.6 mpg around town.
Ran up to York Beach - 75 miles, 1.5 hr one way - all major state route and interstate - and I got 28.8 mpg.
Set up a Trip to isolate my commute and I am getting 26.8, as long as I don't lead-foot.

I need to tweak the stereo - needs bass - may not get an xm module. The phone media sync is really nice and the USB port too. I need to see what I have for Thule rails to fit for my ladders, toys.

So far, so good. Safe travels all.

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Welcom and good luck!

Please remember to post City related posts on the PMC side of the forum so as to not confuse everyone!
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