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Just drove home my used 2014 Promaster 2500 159" High Roof, gas. Has only 5500 miles on it with almost all the options I was looking for (and not white!) as well as the rare drivers side slider. Managed to come to a fair price with the dealer but not what I'd call a steal.

I did test drive a Transit 250 in both base V6 and Ecoboost. Overall probably the better van, the Ecoboost was actually fun to drive and the interior was a bit nicer, but I couldn't justify the extra cost compared to the price of the used Promaster. Also the FWD and wider cargo space in the Promaster were pluses for me.

Didn't consider the Sprinter as reliability seems to be a mixed bag and price is a lot higher.


I'm replacing a 1999 E250 Econoline. Drive home was about 150 miles over a mountain pass so I got a good feel for how it drove (empty). Wow is this thing a joy to drive compared to the old Econoline! The Econoline rode like a ox cart and shimmied and shook over every bump. Driving the E250 you could saw back and forth at the steering wheel with little effect on the van's direction. The Promaster on the other hand feels well planted, solid and dare I say car like. I wouldn't quite put it in the "fun to drive" category but certainly pleasant. Brakes feel is fantastic. Overall a 21st century vehicle compared to the 1980's tech E250.

Engine power over the mountain pass felt better than the E250 even with the old van's loud gas hog 5.4 V8.

The Promaster driving position takes a little getting used to but felt okay after trying a few seat positions. The forward view is kind of fun, sort of feels like you're floating down the road. Uconnect stereo is actually pretty good and easy to use. Streamed music over Bluetooth from my phone the whole way home.

Cabin ergonomics and quality is a mixed bag. Some parts feel cheepy and plasticy (turn signals etc) while other are nice and have a soft touch. Unfortunately I would say the interior quality is actually lower quality feeling overall than my Econoline. Biggest fail for the Promaster is the parking brake lever position. What were they thinking! I'm sure it's going to trip me up while getting in or out at some point.

Looking forward to building it out as a combo work van and camper. A stand up height van at long last!
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