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I installed a NR751 BB in my PM a little over a year ago. It has it's quirks, but it has functioned consistently for the ~year I've owned it.

Until last week. One day it was fine, the next day it wasn't working. I thought maybe the thermostat (aka "dial") got bumped, so I fiddled with it and found something curious: When I turn it to 0, past the easily felt 'click' that lets you know you just turned it off, then it comes on, full blast, and will not turn off. Pretty much freezes everything in it solid, while running my batteries down in a hurry.

Once I realized this, I turned the dial to "3". Fridge turned off and stayed off. Same with every other positive (1, 2, 4, 5) setting. Won't turn on, period.

Strange, right? And apropos of nothing that I could tell.

I pinged Norcold customer service yesterday and described the above to them. Their response was that they couldn't help me diagnose it, due to "safety and liability issues". Which is a copout, but they weren't budging. They told me to take it to an authorized service center. I did that this morning.

First one told me they could get it in to look at on 10/26 -- a few weeks from now. Not sooner. I have plans to use the van, and the fridge, for almost every day between now and then, so I thanked them and moved on, hoping to find someone to look at it sooner.

Next place told me they could look at it on 11/2. Even further away. Gah.

The install of my fridge makes it not super easy to remove. Doable, but not easy or fast. This afternoon I removed the single screw holding the dial plate on inside the cabinet, hoping to see something obvious like corrosion or a loose lead. Nope. I removed each lead and reinstalled them, thinking it was a smart thing to do while I was "in there". And now the fridge won't come on at all, period.

If it were yours, what would you do?

Is it wrong to think that a "normal" (not RV-specific) refrigerator repairman would be able to diagnose this lickety split?

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If I had to guess, I would say the bulb that sits in the refrigerator section has developed a leak, so that the fluid that drives the thermostat has leaked out, and the bellows has collapsed past the normal range of operation. Thus, the switch that actually controls things is beyond travel.

If that's the case, a normal fridge service guy will be able to diagnose it, but won't be able to help you since he won't be able to get that part - from what I understand Norcold is really bad about supplying parts to anybody but a Norcold service rep.

What you might be able to do is get a thermostatic switch, e.g.
and use that to replace the thermostat in the fridge.

I don't know why in this day and age that companies like Norcold continue to use 1970's tech to control their fridge, when a modern electronic thermostat would not only do the job but provide a temperature readout as well.
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