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I've noticed several times now when driving I'll occasionally hear spontaneous sounds coming from the heater-A/C which sounds like an actuator opening or closing a heater door. The owner's manual, under "Recirculation Control" says ...

If the following conditions are verified:
• Mode Floor, Vent or Bi level selected.
• Temperature in Max Cold.
• A/C led ON.
• Hot Ambient Temperature.
• Blower at Maximum speed.
• In case of hot ambient temperature, the recirculation is
closed (opened for a minute each 15 minutes so the air
can be changed) to improve the vehicle cooling.

However the noise is heard even when, a) the blower is not set at max, and, b) sometimes when I don't have the compressor turned on. Any idea what's happening here?

I ask because I smoke and have always tried to be very careful about minimizing smoke/stink in the cabin. In most vehicles I can set fresh air to blow in through the heater floor vent, crack my driver's window, and the smoke usually usually goes straight out the window without really circulating around the cabin. I sure don't want to introduce smoke into the heater-A/C system.
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