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We purchased a 2015 Ram Promaster 3500 window van made into an RV by Great West Vans a year and a half ago. We love it! The Promaster part of our RV is mostly excellent; the RV part is good, but needed some tweaking. But, we are not do-it-yourselfers. I am completely ignorant about vehicle maintenance and repair. My husband used to do all of that for many years, but the technology has outstripped his knowledge, plus with age his knees and back do not anymore bend to see any of this stuff beneath the van. So we are reliant on repair shops for any tweaks. We will have some questions about what is possible, etc., but will not be doing it ourselves; we do however want to be able to go into a repair shop knowledgeable.

First question:
the Promaster and the Great West Van information differ on tire inflation.
Promaster on our vehicle said: F--65; R--80
Great West Van said (perhaps due to the added weight with the RV install): F--55; R--61
Big difference. Any advice?
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