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Hi everyone,

My wife and I decided to quit our jobs and spend at least a year traveling full time through North America and at least down through Panama. I'm hoping to head into South America as well, but I have some convincing of my wife to do (and must ensure the camper van is well done to assist with that convincing!). Looking to complete the build in 3 weeks, so this will be an adventure!

We have a 2017 Ram Promaster 159" high roof, non extended with ~21k miles on it. It was a used rental that we purchased certified pre-owned.

Thanks for all of the useful information on this site. It has been instrumental in getting started and doing research.

Progress so far has been:
1) Insulation with Thinsulate
2) Subfloor and polyiso installed
3) Back up camera installed
4) Rostra speed control installed
5) Aftermarket pioneer head unit installed

General plan thus far is:
1) Rear platform bed
2) Storage below for 2 road bikes
3) Wet bath
4) Maxxfan in front
5) Small pull out couch/futon right after cab area (twin size)
5) Vantech mounts for 860w of solar (2 330w panels and 2 100w panels, on 2 separate mppt controllers)
6) autoclima U-go portable A/C unit (segregated to bed area with thermal curtain - we also have a dog we want to ensure is safe if we need to leave her in the van)
7) 400-500 amp hour Lithium battery pack
8) Electric appliances, no propane
9) natures head composting toilet

Will post progress and I'm sure will have a ton of questions!

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Welcome to the forum. FWIW I did the trip to Panama in 1970 in a Ford Bronco and lived to tell about it ;)

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Wow, ambitious project for a short timeframe. Good luck, can't wait to follow along.
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