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Sold my sprinter and bought a 3500 159, lets see if this van is more reliable than the MB.
Sprinter repair costs for last 30 months were $18600 (CDN) and 9 weeks at the dealer.
it was a 2011 144 high roof with 140,000 kms, great for the first 36 months then almost every week something would break or malfunction. i use the van for work so downtime is inefficient.
repairs other than normal wear and tear were
rear diff
exhaust (fell off on highway)
complete emissions
sensors sensors and more sensors
average fuel economy in the city was 20L / 100 kms
average fuel economy on the hi way was 15L / 100kms
It was my second sprinter, the first one had similar issues so i sold it as i thought it was a special case!
Previously had Chevy express, bullet proof but serious gas guzzler.

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Welcome to the forum. You will find the Promaster a vast improvement over the Sprinter!
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