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Hello Promaster Crew! I've been getting great ideas from everybody's posts and much appreciate all the effort people put into sharing information. My wife and I bought a 2014 Promaster 2500 with 126k miles on it at purchase. I've already done some maintenance to it and plan on doing a complete camper conversion this winter. I'll post progress along with some of the maintenance notes when I have time. Listed below is maintenance issues I've already completed

1. Front brakes, caliper/brackets frozen. Broke slider pins loose, polished slider pins and barrels, replaced. New brackets, slider's and calipers are CRAZY expensive, glad I salvaged mine.

2. Replaced both right and left half shafts and intermediate shaft related to vibration/oscillation in van between 40mp and 60mph and disappearing at 70mph and around corners.

Will post more as we go along!
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